Whats on

Still in the midst of our research and development processes, we continue to combine and merge Scottish and Spanish traditional arts together with contemporary dance.  We are always researching and discovering, constantly taking new information back into the studio to work with.

Our residencies continue into 2019, as we keep working on new ideas and materials towards a variety of new works. We are excited about working with a fantastic range of organisations hosting our artistic residencies, community events, classes and performance/sharings.

So…  where can you find us and WHAT’S ON?

4-8th Feb, 2019 -Edinburgh. Professional Class and Residency Sharing
5 Feb, 2019 – Company Class at Dancebase
6th Feb, 2019 – Workshops with Traditional Dance Forum Scotland
8th Feb, 2019 – 4pm -work in progress sharing – Dancebase
12-15 Feb, 2019 – Residency, NSCD, Yorkshire.
16-17 Feb, 2019 – Workshop weekend, Dance Studio Leeds, Leeds
22-27 March, 2019 – Residency, Yorkshire.

28th March 2019 – Performance, Rural Arts, Thirsk
20th May – 1 June – Residency at Scottish School of Contemporary Dance
15-19 July – Residency, Press and Preview – Kala Sangam, Bradford
1-25 August – Edinburgh Fringe

Each event is listed on the right hand side column which will be updated regularly as new information comes in.

Whilst in residency, normally these studio experiences are closed to just the artists working on the project but we do open them for our company ambassadors and at special request to people who want to see the company at work (rather than just the final outcome) so if this is of interest to you, do not hesitate to contact us.

We encourage local professional dancers to join us for morning class so if we are in your area, let us know and we can give you the right information.

At each residency and partner venue, we share the results of what we have been working on that week, at the end of the week, so please do come along if we are at a venue near you.  We appreciate your energy, eyes, ears and very much welcome your opinions and feedback whilst we work towards making our work the best we can, for you and others. In 2 of our Autumn residencies we will be joined by Sound of Dance project so you can expect a double whammy of materials and workshops.

Please note our community classes are inclusive.  Unless stated otherwise, these are suitable for all ages and abilities and we want to encourage intergenerational activities in a fun learning environment.   If you are wondering about the levels of the class, just blast us an email with any questions and we will let you know exactly what we are doing.

Our Slanjayvah Danza post show Ceilidh events are for everyone, you just need to come along with a good sense of humour (and if you don’t have one this is sure to give you one, no-one gets left out here). Always full of live music, community spirit and of course lots of dancing, these nights are long spoken about after the event.

Keep an eye out on our facebook page for most up to date information, images, videos, interviews and the likes.

We would like to extend a big thanks to all our funders, partners and supporters for working with us to make all of this happen.  Without such valuable support, we wouldn’t be able to do most of this, if any.

Feel free to contact us at any time on info@slanjayvahdanza.com with any questions or enquiries.

Image provided by Sound of Dance Project.
Photographer: Julia Fuyngruen





Dates & Venues

  • Company in Residence with Dancebase 4th-8th February 2019

  • 05/02/2019 9:00 am


    Join us for professional company class. We will begin with some contemporary movement patterns before busting out some technical footwork in Scottish Step and Flamenco! Free but limited numbers. Please contact info@slanjayvahdanza.com to register attendance.

  • 06/02/2019 7:00 pm

    Scottish Storytelling Centre

    Sean-nós dance workshop. In partnership with the Traditional Dance Forum Scotland. Tickets available from Scottish Storytelling Centre.

  • Company in Residence - Leeds 11-15th February. More info to follow.

  • 16/02/2019 10:00 am

    Dance Studio Leeds

    Flamenco Intensive weekend for beginners, improvers and advanced levels. See our Get involved page for more invo.

  • Company in Residence - March. More info to Follow

  • 28/03/2019 2:00 pm

    6 Feet, 3 Shoes at Rural Arts in Thirsk. More info to follow.

  • Company in Residence at the Scottish School of Contempoary Dance. Weeks commencing 20th May to 1st June, 2019. More info to follow

  • Company in Residence - Kala Sangam, Bradford 15th - 19th July. More info to follow

  • 18/07/2019 7:30 pm

    "Press Night and Prevew". More info to follow

  • 01/08/2019 12:00 am

    Slanjayvah at the Edinburgh Fringe. More info to follow.