We have great news! We have been awarded funds by Arts Council England to go into the second phase of our “6 Feet, 3 Shoes” project.

The project itself explores the theme of friendship, travelling away from your home country, learning a new language, diving into new cultures and finding out what it is like to make a home away from home.

The music, dance and storytelling will draw primarily upon the traditional arts of Spain and Scotland, fused with contemporary elements. “6 Feet, 3 Shoes” creates a new experience of performance and participation pushing the boundaries of both artistic practice and cultural experiences.

It is an ambitious endeavour for us, and will comprise not only the development and performance of an hour-long dance theatre piece across a range of venues in the North of England and Scotland, but also a rigorous community engagement programme involving workshops in local communities, company classes, and, of course a chance for everyone to join and dance with us in celebratory post performance Ceilidhs and Ferias.

We extend a sincere thank you to our funders, partners and supporters in helping us reach this stage. It has taken much time and effort within a forever changing artistic climate and without their on-going commitments to our work, we wouldn’t be able to do it. We are grateful not only to the below organisations mentioned but to all the artists and community members we have worked with to date on “6 Feet, 3 Shoes”, in every aspect it contains.

• Arts Council England North
• Traditional Dance Forum Scotland
• El Ayuntamiento de Córdoba
• Dance Studio Leeds
• Edinburgh Storytelling Centre
• Dancebase
• Dance Action Zone Leeds
• Magpie
• Rural Arts
• Kirkgate Arts
• Rait Community Association
• Seven Arts
• Awards for All
• Hey Days (West Yorkshire Playhouse)
• Yorkshire Dance

We are very much looking forward to bringing the developed work to you in Autumn 2017 before continuing our adventure into 2018 where we extend the tour further in the UK and Spain.