As part of our “6 Feet, 3 Shoes” project, Artistic Director and Lead Choreographer of Slanjayvah Danza, Jen Wren, had the brilliant opportunity to bring to the UK leading international Scottish Step dancer, Nic Gareiss with funding support from Tasgadh.

Michigan born, Nic has an incredible passion for Scottish Step and many other percussive footwork styles. It wasn’t long before he and Jen were reminiscing on history, music and dancing steps commonly danced in Cape Bretton (Canada – where Scottish people emigrated to during the clearings and where the dance is still very much alive) and by communities in the Highland and Island areas of Scotland where this style is thought to have originally been born.

“You just can’t shake off the need to dance when Nic is around. With such a wealth of experience and knowledge of percussive footwork and its accompanying music from across the globe, his energy, humour and passion is contagious!”

During their time together Jen and Nic explored possible step and percussive footwork material ideas for the development of “6 Feet, 3 Shoes”, looking at different and interesting ways in which the Scottish Step can be integrated and merged with Flamenco and Contemporary dance.

We have absolutely loved hosting and working with Nic, and are currently looking into ways we can work with him again in the future. Thanks for all your hard work and support Nic! We look forward to dancing with you again soon.