So… We’ve been quite busy!  Our autumn was awesome and already we are bouncing into Spring.  2020 is a significant year for the company as we grow and expand in our activities.  We feel really proud with what was achieved in 2019 and thank everyone who supported all that we did.  In this news letter we reflect and celebrate our autumn achievements and most recent company news.

What we have been up to at a glance (Scroll down for more info on each topic):

  • 1.  Accolades and awards 
  • 2.  Funding success and support to Tour 6 Feet, 3 Shoes in 2020. 
  • 3.  Reflection on our Autumn Tour 2019
  • 4.  A guide to our year ahead.  
  • 5.  Research with CDaRE and culture moves
  • 6.  New partnership with Leeds College of Music
  • 7.  Our new work with Scottish School of Contemporary Dance
  • 8.  Future news posts by video


  1. Accolades and awards

6 Feet 3 Shoes won acclaim for its sell-out run at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 including being selected as a “Pick of the Fringe” and a nomination for a Total Theatre Award.

2. Funding success and support to Tour 6 Feet, 3 Shoes in 2020

With accolades and standing ovations from audiences, the company now features on the Rural Touring Dance Initiative (Menu 5) and was awarded funds through Creative Scotlands Touring Fund.

6 Feet, 3 Shoes (performance and participation programme) will tour extensively across Scotland and the UK in 2020 focusing on rural venues and communities.

We are thrilled to have this opportunity and look forward to our first dates in Spring with rural touring schemes including North East Arts Touring (NEAT), Spot-On Lancashire, Highlights North and Déda in Derby.  See all of our dates and venues and keep up to date with our daily activities through our facebook page.

3. Reflection on our Autumn Tour 2019

Rural touring for us feels like we have just come home! Idyllic countryside around us, enthusiastic people supporting and of course home-cooked food!

It is a full company team effort in collaboration with organisers and promoters from rural communities.  We had the opportunity to work in a variety of halls and community centres which we transform as soon as we get there.  A bit like this…

We had so much fun with folk across North Yorkshire, Leeds and Perthshire during our autumn touring.  With such a warm welcome into the rural touring scene and apart from the joy of performing 6 Feet, 3 Shoes, we shared some truly magical moments along the way.

4. A guide to our year ahead.

Asides from our exciting touring schedule of performance and participation, we are also delighted to be working within a range of other projects including research and development, new commissions, company intensives.  See a brief range of our planned 2020 activities so far here.  There are always ways that you can work with us, so do not hesitate to contact us to see how you can get involved.

5. Research with CDaRE and Culture Moves

Delighted to be part of Coventry University’s CDaRE research project, Culture Moves with on-going collaborator Rosa Cisñeros and colleague Dr Marie-Louise Crawley.

During the research we took part in a range of exciting activities – exploring specific movement making tasks, recording our own choreographic materials, investigating  Europeana Scores and digital Annotation.  We also feature on the CultureMoves exhibition Dance Memory, Space and TraceClick on each highlighted link to see videos, images and records.  Such an interesting research project and great team to work with. 

6.  New partnership and collaborations with Leeds College of Music

Making new partnerships with other organisations is a big part of what we do.  Working with Leeds College of Music’s Simon McGrath and Dr. Caterina McEvoy we joined with their students to record the soundtrack of 6 Feet, 3 Shoes in a live environment to capture the essence of the show in a musical format.  Exploring alongside their degree students (thanks guys!) we all learned about the process and what is involved to create the right environment, with all the technical necessities of producing live music for sale and distribution.

Our SD team members also delivered lectures on making new work, touring productions and collaboration.  We are looking forward to further activities together and next stages to make the 6 Feet, 3 Shoes soundtrack available for purchase this year.

7. Our new work with Scottish School of Contemporary Dance

In December we started making a new work with the BA students at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance called, “Hag on a shroom”.  With a strong cast of 25, working in the companies artistic threads of Scottish, Spanish and contemporary dance.  “Hag on a shroom”,  will be part of this years graduation performances at the Space in May 2020.  Looking forward to returning this year for rehearsals, tech and to see them dance the full production on stage!

8. Future news posts – by video

We realise that alot happens very quickly in this company and getting time to post regular news updates has always been slow.  So, we are going to try a new approach through making regular short videos of all the exciting news we want to share, that we can upload to our site and share with you instantly.  Some people like to read, some like to listen and some like quirky little videos and short bursts of information.  Starting this Spring, it might be a bit rough around the edges whilst we get into the swing of this, but it should be fun and even funny maybe.  Let’s see how we get on.  News of these will sent out to those on our mailing lists and shared on our facebook page.

Do keep in touch and remember… Don’t walk… DANCE!  We look forward to dancing with you throughout 2020 and beyond.