We are excited to announce that we are working with The C-DaRE, Coventry UNI team on their upcoming CultureMoves LabDays in November.

The CultureMoves Exploratory LabDays explore Europeana content, curate mini-collections and consider the relationship between dance, public spaces and tourism.

In collaboration with the Research team (C-DaRE): Rosa Cisneros, Marie-Louise Crawley and Sarah Whatley we will be assisting to explore Europeana (the digital online Library), the CultureMoves online toolkit (MovesCollect, MovesScrapbook and MotionNotes).

Working from the studios at Open Source Arts, we will be using our choreographic material from 6 Feet, 3 Shoes and creating new, on-the-spot materials to create movement scores in the studio, using the digital content as inspiration.

This CultureMoves LabDay is part of a series of events organised by the EU-funded CultureMoves research project (https://culturemoves.eu) and the Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE), Coventry University.

The project looks at the intersections between dance, digital technology, cultural heritage, tourism and education, as well as to the development of an online toolkit which aims to provide dance artists and arts professionals access to dance / cultural content, and enable new forms of touristic engagement and educational resources.

For more information on CultureMoves please contact Rosa Cisneros ab4928@coventry.ac.uk or Marie-Louise Crawley ad1803@coventry.ac.uk

Twitter: @CultureMoves_EU