6 Feet, 3 Shoes is out and about. Click here to for more info.

An insightful and artistic expose of what dancers put their bodies through in the name of their art. Painfully obvious, commonly denied

A powerful take on domestic abuseĀ in a hard hitting, tangible dance and film integrated story.

A short aesthetic work of bold shapes and minimal colour characterise this gravity-defying piece and tells the story of a woman trapped in limbo, in the grey hinterland of movement.

Based on the dancers own passions of body mechanics and the body as work of art in itself, communication and the love of contact work, "Blind Passion' - Raw Cut" is an explosion of physicality and seductive delight. The dancers and choreography move smoothly, becoming more revealing and dynamic, challenging the audience with intrigue and question.

The Gin Chronicles is a black and white "comi-dance" featuring characters Emelda and Clay... what will they get up to?