Last week Slanjayvah Danza were HOT!

As company in residence in Córdoba (with outside temperatures varying from 45-55 degress), Jen and Luisa continued to work on materials in prep for our autumn adventures with “6 Feet, 3 Shoes”, supported by the Ayuntamiento de Córdoba.

While out in the beautiful Andalucia of Spain, it was a great opportunity for the dynamic duo to catch up with the project’s Spanish partners and artists to discuss year 3 of the project and our touring plans for Spain.

Their trip included Jen visiting the Conservatorio Superior de Danza in Málaga with Susana Aguilar where the thunder of Flamenco class bellowed out of the building – full of power and beautiful fury. Admittedly there was also a day or 2 at the beach (got to take it whilst you can right?).

Before heading back to the UK, Jen managed to catch an evening with guitarist Guillermo Salinas who worked with us on the R&D process of “6 Feet, 3 Shoes”, last year. Inspired by our collaboration, Guillermo has developed music devised from his time with us for his new CD titled “Para mi Madre”, including the wonderful “Witches Dance” inspired by the voice of Jen Wren and “6 Feet, 3 Shoes” musical collaborator – Ross Ainslie.

Although admitting an average 48 degrees each day was a bit too hot, our ladies report it was a fun, artistic and productive trip (though did not look forward to the expected 20 odd degree drop in temperature upon their return to the UK).