6 Feet 3 Shoes UK TOUR 2020

The 2020 UK tour of 6 Feet, 3 Shoes, has been postponed until Spring 2021.

It is indeed very strange times for all of us.  Here at the Slanjayvah Danza base we are sending a world wide message to all our families, friends and communities:  your health and safety are the priority, we miss you and we love you.  Stay in good health, stay safe and look after each other where you can.

We look forward to the announcement that we can be back out there to dance, sing, laugh and have some Slanjayvah Danza fun with you all again.

The company will endeavour where possible to re-schedule dates with venues who were expecting us and look forward to confirming new dates across the UK in the future.

Join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we continue to post updates and we would love to hear from you there.  We are trying to keep things light hearted and positive whilst we all re-adjust.

Until we can see you again… take care y’all.

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