6 Feet 3 Shoes

Get ready for some fierce percussive dance, traditional foot stomping music, tender moments and a giggle when SPAIN MEETS SCOTLAND MEETS YORKSHIRE in a culture fuelled, feisty and rhythmical explosion of dynamic dance, music, story and song.

‘6 Feet, 3 Shoes’ is a celebration of friendship, cultural exchange and history through dance, music and storytelling. Telling the tale of three friends, how they meet in Yorkshire, communicate without words, build a lasting friendship and a home away from home.

‘Rooted in traditional (TRAD) arts, set in a contemporary context, “6 Feet, 3 Shoes”, is not just a performance, but an experience for all the family.  It is an opportunity to not only watch some incredible international performance artists entertain, but to immerse yourself in the atmosphere, to join in with the artists as we transition the evening into a ceildih/feria style party for everyone.

Sure to have your toes tapping and smile smiling, The ‘6 feet, 3 shoes’ tour takes place across a range of intimate rural and unusual inner city venues with varying seating and space arrangements accompanied by quirky cultural decor to create a unique and vibrant cultural ambience.

Click below to see a wee snippet of 6 Feet, 3 Shoes in development (2017).


Dates & Venues

  • WE ARE CURRENTLY BOOKING DATES AND VENUES FOR Autumn 2019. For information and Tour Pack please contact info@slanjayvahdanza.com

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