Artistic Direction

Jen Wren is a multi-skilled international dance artist and creative director with a passionate curiosity for the body and communicating stories through dance and film.

Since graduating from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance she has enjoyed an incredibly diverse career in dance and garnered acclaim for a string of choreographic productions and tours.

In 2004, she formed Slanjayvah Danza to give collaborative voice to her own conceptual and creative practice, producing over 20 professional choreographies for stage and screen.

Jen’s creations are grounded in artistic, human or scientific concepts and draw on stories from real life, to create art that resonates across cultures and generations. Born in Scotland but with strong Spanish links, Jen references both cultures in her work; embedding traditional steps and music into contemporary productions and accenting these with emotion and a sense of adventure.  As Artistic Director and Choreographer for Slanjayvah Danza she has secured a reputation for capturing audiences’ attention with her thought-provoking and versatile artistic voice.

Her work has been commissioned/performed/screened within a number of international venues and platforms within the UK, Spain, France, Netherlands, USA, Qatar and Singapore and she has collaborated with a wide range of artists, professional/community organisations and educational institutions.

As a freelance artist, Jen has worked with Sardoville (rehearsal director/technician), KMA (movement director), Camera 2 (Creative director), The Rugby League World Cup/ Grand Visionary Solutions (choreographer), Les Commandos Percu (choreographer/dancer), Al Ryyan Productions (Creative Director), Conservatorio de Danza de Sevilla (choreographer), whist also pursuing regular creative ventures with a variety of independent artists.

Alongside her work with professionals, Jen takes great pride in regularly working at a grass-roots level across ages and abilities, as well as mentoring others in their own practice.

Outside of her artistic practice, Jen is a well known “body geek” and the dancers “body mechanic”, specialising in the dancers body, injury prevention, diagnosis, treatment, management and rehabilitation techniques.