Current Artists

Leticia Cabezudo

Leticia Cabezudo is an interdisciplinary artist and a firework of talent in Spanish dance, flamenco, table percussion and castanets.

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Charlotte Mathiessen

Charlotte Mathiessen is a multi-talented  artist of dance, song and music with a performance style to envy. Specialising in release, Charlotte moves like liquid silver.

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Amy Geddes

Amy is an exhuberant force for music with a wealth of international experience in traditional and contemporary fiddle, composition and performance.

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Caterina McEvoy

Caterina McEvoy is an interdisciplinary musician, composer, sound artist, and researcher with a passionate interest in dance, theatre and martial arts.

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David Connah

David is a Flamenco guitarist and consultant of Flamenco music,  specialising in the accompaniment of flamenco dance and song.

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Luisa Galan

Luisa Galan is an original member of Slanjayvah Danza since 2004, specialising in Flamenco and Spanish Folk, culture and language.

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Phil Sanger

Phil Sanger is an established dance artist – performing, making and presenting art since 2003.

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Keira Martin

Keira is a freelance performer, director, mentor and facilitator within her industry, nationally and internationally.

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Jen Wren and Slanjayvah Danza have had the pleasure of working with some fabulous people along the journey of our company and its work over the last 15 years.   We  would like mention a few here….

Susana Aguilar,  Ross Ainslie, Guillermo Salinas, Aurora Fearnley, Cormac Byrne, Al McSween, Maria Vega, Rosa Cisneros, Guiliano Modarelli, Sophie Stephenson, Emily O’Shea, Aneta Dortova, Jon Owen, Jamie Donohue, Victor Blasquez, Antonio Escribano, Amir Giles, Riccardo Meneghini, Vivien Wood, Azzura Ardovini, Olivia Quayle, Yiannis Tsigkris, Katy Skelton, Adam Young, Mark Baker (Dread), Adam Wilks, Marcus Rapley, Kialea Nadine Williams, Kimball Wong, Matt Burton, James Jelliman, Matt Maude, James Rhodes, Cecilie Fodor, Raquel de la Plaza, Dani Ferreira, Paul Wilkinson, Pauline Mayers, Mel Newing, Lee Davern, Kat Doherty…. and many others.