Artistic Direction

Jen Wren is an international dance artist, creative director and the Artistic Director of Slanjayvah Danza. She is known for her work in exploring universal themes in cross-cultural and interdisciplinary territories, and in a career which spans 3 decades has created, performed and presented work worldwide. In 2019 Jen received an MA: Dance and Creative Enterprise, specialising in traditional, transdisciplinary and intercultural arts in a contemporary performance context.

Most recently Jen led Slanjayvah Danza to national recognition with her production; 6 Feet, 3 Shoes. From an Edinburgh Fringe Festival sell out run, to a “top 5” placing in the Total Theatre Awards Dance Productions category. 6 feet, 3 shoes is a jewel in the crown of SD’s journey but is only the tip of the iceberg.

Having been producing innovative and thought-provoking work for the company for over 20 years, Jen has developed the entire oeuvre of the company which includes ground-breaking pieces such as Blind Passion, Crazy Joanna, Minor Tears and now, 6 feet, 3 shoes. Characteristically, the works have always drawn from both lived experiences and her acquired knowledge in physical therapies, and this has become a trademark of Wren’s working style.

Since graduating in 2003, Jen has been commissioned by and in collaboration with multiple global-facing organisations including Dance Base, KMA Productions, Cultural Olympiad 2012, Al Ryyan Qatar, Camera 2 New York, and the Conservatorios de Danza Profesional (across Andalucia), to name but a few. Resultantly her work has been shown on a variety of world class stages such as: The Globe, Royal Festival Hall, El Triangulo, and Circulo de Bella Artes, though Jen is equally passionate in her embrace of local and rural touring circuits and has been celebrated by audiences in village halls, social clubs and smaller venues.

In her contributions to the sector, Jen works with artists at various stages of their careers, supporting projects and events as a producer, rehearsal director, dramaturge and teacher. She also sits on the board of various arts and cultural organisations, has supported key decision discussion groups for the Federation of Scottish Theatre (FST) and remains part of the Artists Advisory Group for Dance Base.