About The Company

Slanjayvah Danza was established in 2004 by Artistic Director and Choreographer, Jen Wren to produce high quality artistic dance productions and complementary education and participation programmes.

Inspired by real life, the arts, the sciences and human well-being the company aims to entertain, inform and inspire the individuals and communities that it comes into contact with.

Our projects and productions respond to stories and ideas which resonate with people of all ages from across a wide spectrum of cultures and social groupings. We challenge their perceptions, provoke their thinking and encourage discussion with them.

The Company believes that ‘diversity’ in its fullest sense, plays a vital role in generating unique and innovative work.

Slanjayvah Danza celebrates cultural exchange, communication and friendships through dance, music, song and storytelling, pushing boundaries in the TRAD and folk arts by situating them within a contemporary context.

Collaborating with local, national and international partners, venues and artists, Slanjayvah Danza is known for producing adventurous, original performances and participatory activities that marry dance with other disciplines including music, storytelling, theatre, film, and folk traditions.

At the heart of all that we do is the intention to make a positive difference to people’s lives. We believe that in this multimedia age, there is something vital and nourishing about connecting with other human beings face-to-face for the sharing of a story or song, or a dance, or music or all of these.

In 2019, Slanjayvah Danza re-formed itself as a SCIO charity SC049419, officially incorporating the original Gaelic spelling of its name (Slàinte Mhath Dannsa) and re-located home to a new base in rural Perthshire, Scotland.