Professional Class

Our company class is open to professional contemporary dancers who wish to participate. 

With a somatic base to move from, our current class is technical and tailor made specifically to our current creative process.  It is changeable depending on our creative schedule. 

You can expect a technical contemporary dance class with a twist (literally as we incorporate elements of spiral and rebound), use of flamenco arm movements in contemporary sequences and footwork deriving from Scottish, Irish and Flamenco styles.

We charge a small fee of £5 per class or £20 for the week which can be paid in advance, at the beginning of the week or on a drop in basis.

Company class is open in Leeds, Monday to Friday – 9.15am – 10.30 am on the following dates:

w/c 16th October
w/c 30th October

For anyone wishing to join, please contact