Thanks to the appointment of our new Projects Assistant, Callum Holt, we’re now being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century (those are the exact words he used when describing how he was trying to get Jen to create a Facebook page… #technophobic).

In line with our current re-branding (thank you Magpie!), we now have a brand spanking new Facebook PAGE, an updated and functional Twitter, and for the first time ever – Instagram – with which we can now share our various adventures* and exploits with you.

So, like, share, follow, and join the antics with us, all our links and handles are below:

Twitter: @Slanjayvah
Instagram: slanjayvahdanza

*Which, lets face it, is going to document us in fun and perhaps dubious behind the scenes situations that we don’t post on the website.