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WRENJenni Wren's Slanjayvah Danza News! - Autumn 2014

Jen's Update at a glance...

1. Where's Jen? 
2. Back in the UK 
3. Dance and Injury 
4. Classes in Leeds
5. Stay in touch through our Social Networks

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1. Where's Jen?

As the sun starts setting a little earlier each night in the UK, building up to the dark winter nights, I find myself in the Middle East, where the sun goes down in a fast 10 minutes at approximately 5.15pm each day! You only need to blink and it's dark.


I am currently working with Alrayyan Productions in Doha, Qatar as Creative Director/Choreographer for the Qatar National Day Celebrations, in association with the Ministry of Sport. This is an incredible experience so far, definitely a challenge and it will be a fantastic moment to see all the hard work come to life in a spectacular arena of performances and visual delights in such an important day for the people of Qatar.











Time is moving very quickly as all the elements of such an enormous project are brought together and because of that, I am aware that it won't be long until the New Year!



2 Back in the UK.

So... back in the UK, we are already preparing our next Leeds based project. At the moment I'm grateful for Skype, Viber, Wassap and the internet (when it works!) and the support from Tessa Gordeijko, whilst Slanjayvah Danza moves into a new phase and programme for 2015 and beyond.


The new work will re-unite the company's founding members (myself, Luisa Galan and Susana Aguilar), taking us back to our roots, preparing performance and workshops full of feisty movement and cultural references which formed and solidified the foundations for Slanjayvah Danza in Leeds.


We have been toying with this idea for some time now so let's get this started, right?! Last year we played with a few ideas to get a sense of what to incorporate within the creative design. Without giving much away, here is a wee snippet of elements: https://vimeo.com/74419182


3 Dance and Injury

Keeping elements of the "Minor Tears" project alive, I have to mention that my Lisa Ullman Travel Scholarship to Colorado Springs was absolutely mind blowing. It was the most jam packed learning experience ever including a 6 week clinical internship of Manual Physical Therapy at Action Potential. It included attending IMPACT Fellowship master classes, working as a physical therapist, injury prevention and rehabilitation consultant at the Colorado Ballet Society with Director Patty Hoffman, the San Fran Marathon, World La Cross Championships in Denver, American Distance Project runners and believe it or not I even got to the top of Pikes Peak.











No, I didn't have any spare time and yes, I would go back and do it all over again even though I had grey matter dripping from my ears during my 3 hour exam/presentation at the end. I have to say a big thanks to everyone who was part of my whirlwind trip of hard-core learning, allowing me to adopt new approaches and methods into my practice in treating dancers and injuries.


Massage for Dancers

Recently I was asked by the Earle Abrahamson (Chair of the Massage Training Institute), to write an article regarding treating dancers with injuries, which may be of interest to any other practitioners wishing to work with dancers. I've posted a link here for info. http://hands-on-training.co.uk/reflection-dancing-dancers-dance-therapy/ . As part of the teaching team, I will be running a session on massage for dancers in the new year so check out the course section on the website.


Article 19 Blog

I continue (albeit at a slow pace right now), to work on my Article 19 - blog which is a personal story and some things for dancers who experience injury to consider. Keep your eyes peeled for the next chapter coming soon, "The Ten Commandments" http://www.article19.co.uk/blog-jenniwren/archives.php


4  Classes in Leeds

Unfortunately I'm unable to lead any classes in Leeds right now (my doppelganger is on vacation), but I'd like to mention that our good friends and company members are hosting some great workshops and classes. Check them out and even better - go! You won't be disappointed.

Professional Contemporary Class with Phil Sanger - 10 November - 20 November - Yorkshire Dance Centre - 10 am

Workshop and Professional Contemporary Class with Rachael O'Neill - 30th November - Yorkshire Dance Centre

Flamenco for all levels with Luisa Galan - various dates, times and and locations

5  Stay in touch through our Social Networks

Twitter: @Slanjayvah
Facebook: Slanjayvah Danza

UNTIL THE NEXT TIME......Don't Walk... DANCE!you_dont_dance_copy


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