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Slanjayvah Danza News! - January 2016

Happy New Year to all our friends and colleagues!  We had a fantastic end to 2015 and an exciting start to 2016.  Read on...

1. Reflecting on the magic
2. Slanjayvah Danza in the community
3. Working with DAZL
4. In residency with...
5. Ross Ainslie wins "Composer of the Year"
6. Join us at a sharing of our work in progress
7. Stay in touch through our Social Networks

1. Reflecting on the magic

In 2015 we were delighted to receive funding from Arts Council England, Leeds Inspired and Awards for all to undertake our project, "6 Feet, 3 Shoes" - A celebration of cultural exchange and history through dance and music.


It has been our desire for some time now to really get our teeth into this project so it's an exciting time for the core company members and collaborating artists involved. We are busy researching the movement vocabularies of Flamenco, Contemporary and Scottish Country and Highland dances and trying out ideas towards the creation of a brand new Slanjayvah Danza performance work. Some really interesting concepts are coming through!

2.  Slanjayvah Danza in the community

We have been having a lot of fun engaging with Dance Action Zone Leeds - DAZL, and a range of schools, Yorkshire Movement and Dance as well as other small groups in the region, delivering workshops on the theme and dance styles of our project. This is the biggest community outreach Slanjayvah Danza has ever undertaken with a record number or participants.


The response to our outreach programme has been incredible. We are really lucky to be able to work with a huge amount of people from age 3 to 82 and it's been a pure joy to work with each and every one of them, we would like to extend our thanks to you all for your generosity, energy, commitment, input and feedback.


In 2016 we have started new workshops with enthusiastic participants of the Cervantes Institute and Hey Days (West Yorkshire Playhouse). We are also looking forward to getting started with some new schools in the region and RJC dance groups at the end of February into March.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of our future workshops, or hosting a workshop for your group, please do let us know at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

3.  Working with DAZL 

You know those moments when you get good news and you start dancing around like a looney in your living room. That's what we did when we were asked to expand our partnership with DAZL

DAZL (Dance Action Zone Leeds) is a not-for-profit dance and health charity using community development principals and practice along with high quality dance to deliver health outputs. Working across the UK, DAZL have instigated and developed so many opportunities for community members.  Watch their latest video here, showing the value of their work.

We have been so inspired by the DAZL method and each time we work with them and their groups, we come away absolutely buzzing. This spring we will be creating new choreographies with their dancers and sharing those as works in progress, alongside our own work in March. Watch this space indeed!



4.  In Residency with ...

Dance Studio Leeds has become our regular base to work out of from Leeds. A big thank you to Katie Geddes for her continuous support towards our creative and community endeavours. It's really refreshing to feel like we have some kind of company studio base where we feel at home.


In March we will spend a week as company in residence with Yorkshire Dance, whom we have worked with since 2003. We will have our company sharing there, inviting people into the process to see what we are thinking to do with all this information and research materials! (more info below)

The project, on a larger scale incorporates Yorkshire (Leeds), Perthshire (Scotland) and Cordoba (Andalucia) where we continue to gather information on the differences and similarities of the cultures, dance, music and art scenes.

It's so nice to be able to extend our activities and connect with different communities through the bigger picture. We have spent time in time in El Carpio, San Antonio and Cordoba City as well as the small villages of Rait and Scone in Perthshire. Our visits there have been an important part of our research and influences, all which feed back into our work here in Leeds. We will be returning to these rural areas and adding Sevilla to our geographical map as we begin to pilot our participation programme within the Spanish communities.


5.  Ross Ainslie wins "Composer of the Year"

We would like to put a big shout out and congratulations to our 6 Feet 3 Shoes collaborator and composer, Ross Ainslie, who won "Composer of the Year" at the Scots Trad Music Awards and then went on to play with his band Trecherous Orchestra on BBC1 on Hogmany! BOOM!



6.  Join us at a sharing of our work in progress.

We are excited to invite you into the studio and our process, to see the results of our research to date and our work in progress for "6 Feet, 3 Shoes".


We would love for you to join us at this stage in our work so that we can share our ideas so far on the themes we have been exploring with both dance and live music elements. We will be holding a question and answer session and would love your feedback which will help us develop our project towards the next steps.

Confirmed dates include:
24th March, 2016 - Yorkshire Dance - 5.30pm (Company dancers and musicians)
25th March, 2016 - DAZL - (details to be confirmed) - (Company dancers and musicians plus DAZL groups)

We will put out more information closer to the time, in the meantime, if you would like any further information or to confirm your attendance, please do not hesitate to get in touch at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Stay in touch through our Social Networks

Twitter: @Slanjayvah
Facebook: Slanjayvah Danza

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