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WRENSlanjayvah Danza News! - May 2015

Update at a glance...

1.  Ready for our new project
2.  SD at home - Leeds Flamenco Festival
3.  SD in Spain, Scotland and New York?
4.  Opportunities
5.  New Residencies and Courses 
6.  Thank you to...
.  Your support
8.  Stay in touch through our Social Networks

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1. Ready for our new project

We are ready for our next project with a range of new collaborators and creative partners. We have been carefully building the foundations for this project, raising funds and doing all our background research as we prepare to launch a synthesis of Spanish Flamenco, Scottish traditional dance and Contemporary dance.


The project will reflect the backgrounds and practice of the three founder members of Slanjayvah Danza and the physical language against which their cross-cultural friendship and collaboration developed.

As we move into the future by embracing the strengths of the company's origins, we are getting excited about the prospects of working with some fantastic artists including award winning composer/musicians Ross Ainslie (Scotland) and Guillermo Salinas Ayllon (Spain).

We will keep you up to date as things develop but in the meantime, here is some of our creative play time caught on camera by our associate film artist, Aurora Fearnley from Little Northern Light: 6 Feet, 3 Shoes


2.  SD at home - Leeds Flamenco Festival

Luisa has been working hard all year teaching and preparing all the dance students to perform new Flamenco choreographies. We are excited to see them perform, some for the first time and others who are now familiar with the stage.




Over 2 evenings of the 15th and 16th of May (yes its slightly earlier this year), organised by Cervantes Institute, you can see an array of dance and music at the Trinity Church in the centre of Leeds. Tickets can be purchased from www.jumborecords.co.uk


3.  SD in Spain and New York

Well done to Susana who successfully co-ordinated National Dance Congress in Spain (Contemporary) held in Cordoba this year.  It was fantastic to see her in the local and national press taking the lead on such a prestigious event.

susana_at_the_national_congress_of_dance_2015_spain National Dance Congress Spain



After such a busy time, you'd think we would give her a break.  On the contrary, Jen will be joining her in May to catch up with our Spanish partners in preparation for our activities in Andalucia. Of course, we managed to schedule this around the Feria de Cordoba, where there will be much rejoicing and dancing (in 35-40 degrees heat!).

Not long after, Jen heads up to Scotland to work on a small community project in the Perthshire area before taking flight out to New York in the middle of June to choreograph a new commission with Unfiltered Records.  Just a short trip (we have much to do here in Leeds!) but we will make sure to get some images for our next newsletter.


4. Opportunities

We will be looking for a professional FEMALE dancer to join our core team for our R&D process. Click here for more info



(Image:  Brian Slater)

5 New Residencies and Courses

Join us in RESIDENCY

We are delighted to announce a new residency running in July 2015, based on concepts of our new project.  This opportunity is open to 3rd year students, new graduates and professional dancers.  For more info click here or visit our opportunities page.




Intensive CPD on Managing Dance and Injury

Leading on from our last project Minor Tears, Jenni Wren, in her role of dancer/physical therapist has designed a course which delivers practical information, demonstrations and workshops with the dancers best interest in heart with a range of skills and tools a dancer can take away and use within their practice. There are currently no courses like this in the UK, so jump at it whilst you get the chance.  More info here.

Jen Wren International Physical Therapist


We are passionate about delivering education and workshop opportunities. We offer a range of one off or residency packages for a variety of ages, from beginners to professional. Have a look here at what we can bring to you.



Pupils from Asmaa Girls School - Doha, Qatar 2014


In the meantime we are happy that Pro-Dance Leeds has had a fantastic result with their exciting new provision of regular professional contemporary dance classes each week in Leeds - supported by Arts Council England. This is fantastic for us and other dancers based in or visiting the region who wish to maintain their fitness as well as having the opportunity to work with wide range of teachers.  Well done girls, may it long continue.


6  Thank you to...

We would like to extend out gratitude to Needle Partners who are supporting Slanjayvah Danza with an office and desk space.  We are really excited about moving in and working within a busy professional environment.   This means we can leave our living rooms for watering our plants and watching our favourite programmes like Game of Thrones!  Thank you to Sharon Needle for giving us this invaluable opportunity and for the support towards our next project.


We would also like to thank Penny Sanders and our friendly old home, Seven Arts for hosting our latest photoshoot, allowing us to capture some new images as we step up a gear to getting into the studio.   Brian Slater has been very generous in taking our images and the delightful Adam Wilks was our super duper technician on the day.  This support has been crucial to help in our promotion and we are very grateful to you all.

Last but not least, it is important for us to thank the Royal Ballet Benevolent Fund who has supported Jenni through the rehabilitation of her injury allowing her to get back into the studio and on the stage.  The RBBF are a charity that support dancers through injury and in this case for Jen, through assistance of finance for physio therapy support (on the bits she can't get to herself!).  They are incredibly understanding, friendly and helpful.  Please do read about them here.


7  Your support

As we continue to raise funds for our new project, your on-going support means a lot to us, it allows us to deliver excellence in the arts and education across the UK and beyond.

Click here to find out how you can be part of helping us in our next venture!


8  Stay in touch through our Social Networks

Twitter: @Slanjayvah
Facebook: Slanjayvah Danza

UNTIL THE NEXT TIME......Don't Walk... DANCE!you_dont_dance_copy


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